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Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • When a player had won against an occupating army, the garrison of the town didn't prevent him from plundering
  • When called back, troops don't have a wrong travel time any more
  • No more limit at 42 million points for the alliance high score
  • General didn't see incoming occupations to towns of his alliance members
  • Wrong colors removed in city dropdown
  • Loading of merchant ships was stopped if the destination town was under attack
  • Troops could not be revoked from ongoing battles
  • Fleets were not sent home when the occupation was terminated
  • Stopping a building construction sometimes emptied the whole construction list
  • Occupation was not possible if originating from an alliance member or a treaty partner
  • "Contact diplomat" messages were sent to alliance leader
  • Wrong informations in Ikipedia fixed
  • "Back" Button was sometimes leading to the wrong page
  • Loading troops in foreign towns (i.e. in order to plunder from an occupied town)could not be interrupted
  • Display errors in IE8
  • Players having troops in a foreign town now see if an attack is launched against this town (including in occupation)
  • Break occupation is now also possible on the island view

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