Patch 0.2.7
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You are now able to stop the loading of your ships
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New Features Modifica

  • A trade at the trading post is no longer cancelled if the gold is not enough to buy all wanted resources. You are now going to get proportionate resources.
  • A new view at the espionage report while spying fleets
  • The alliance names are links to the alliance page everywhere in the game
  • Attackers do no longer get a combat report when they loose all their troupes in the first round.
  • Trading fleet overview shows the loaded troupes
  • You are now able to stop the loading of your ships
  • Own offers in reach are shown at the trading post
  • Lost units are now shown at the combat report
  • If you do not have enough ships for a transport you are now able to charter some for Ambrosia. Those are only used for that action and not added to the own pool of transporters.

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Replacement of troupes has been shown as attack
  • Trading ships could not be called back
  • Vacation mode of banned players has been cancelled after 30 days
  • The building level of the hideout had no influence on the rate to discover a spy on a spying mission.
  • Spy got stuck when the target town had no hideout
  • Fleeing lead to lost troupes
  • You could only forge at one workshop
  • Viewing errors at the combat report
  • One researcher/worker less has been shown than assigned
  • Wrong number of united troupes
  • Viewing error at the tavern with FireFox 3.0
  • Message that troupes got lost also was shown in combat round 4
  • Viewing error of the drop down menu with IE 6
  • Differing points at the Highscore
  • Spy does not fulfill the order correct
  • One event gives more than one message
  • Messages at the Outbox have been deleted on their own
  • Waiting for answer did not work with a special browser configuration
  • Ingame message spam has been possible
  • Replacement of troupes was not possible without trading ships
  • Admins were shown at the Highscore
  • Change research was not possible at high researches

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