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Ikariam Plus fixes
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Patch 0.2.5 Patch 0.2.6

New Features Modifica

  • Ikariam Plus: + button added above the advisers to get directly to the respective premium overview
  • Ikariam Plus: Better arrangement of the resources at the town advisor
  • Ikariam Plus: All buildings at the town advisor in the global view
  • Ikariam Plus: Coordinates are shown next to the name in the town drop-down

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Banned player are no longer set into vacation mode automatically
  • Own troupe movements shown as attacks
  • Combat report does not show the right amount of pillaged resources
  • Special skills do no longer overwrite the town wall bonus
  • Wrong points at the alliance overview
  • Alliance-/Highscore error fixed
  • Alliance members not marked at the highscore
  • Viewing error at wonder with IE7

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