Patch 0.2.4
Data di rilascio
In primo piano
City added to Alliance Message
Cronologia delle Patch
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Patch 0.2.3 Patch 0.2.5

New Features Modifica

  • error message for alliance foundation added
  • city added to alliance message

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • lost ships
  • added missing translations
  • status index while building a museum was always complete
  • citizens were not refunded in case of a canceled colonization
  • inventors upgrades were not shown correctly during upgrading
  • player search at the highscore always showed the same results
  • space characters were automatically removed
  • wrong error message for registration errors
  • error messages were hidden by graphics
  • harbour blocking/ploundering slider did not work
  • research advisor point index corrected
  • players are not attackable during vacation mode
  • "next page"-arrow for the research advisor did not work
  • link to the research advisor added
  • city wall did not show failed attacks correctly
  • sort deserting units per ID
  • wrong rounding for overall attack and defense at the battle reports
  • improved link structure to military/battle reports to military advisor/battle reports
  • construction queue help button did not work
  • breaking the blockade with one ship was possible
  • improved time index for mission end

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