Patch 0.2.3
Data di rilascio
In primo piano
Bugfixes only
Cronologia delle Patch
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Patch 0.2.2 Patch 0.2.4

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • If more then one player donates to the sawmill at the same time, resources are lost
  • wine drain by clicking onto "cheers!" at the tavern
  • Sending messages. Error message when the maximum characters are reached
  • Missing CSS for the highscore
  • cancel loading
  • Combat Reports are not lost any more
  • Upgrades are not counted in the next round
  • "Back to city" - Link
  • Wonders from other islands can be seen, including donation list
  • Also added to the donation list with 0 Gold
  • Opening of the wall by a spy only counts for the first attacker.
  • Not all ship movements need action points
  • Speed of the ships have been wrong
  • Costs for stationing have been wrong
  • Max-Button at the wonder always adds 0
  • Max-Button also adds a comma
  • Alliance Town view
  • Wrong gold calculation for the researches, after researching "Letter Chute"
  • Help-button had no meaning at the buildings
  • Workshop and upgrades do not work
  • No automatic change of the research after all researches of this section are done
  • Problems with the alliance highscore
  • Alliances could have the same token

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