Patch 0.2.0
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Introduction of action points and corruption
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New Features Modifica

  • Introduction of action points: each transport or military action as of now requires an action point from the town of origin.
    • Each player's town has two action points available from its inception.
    • Every five Town hall stages this number is increased by one (meaning that a town with a Town hall level of 10 has a total of 4 action points available).
  • Buying research with crystal: after researching Glass it is now possible to complete researches by adding a certain amount of crystal.
    • The amount of crystal is dependent on the research and from the amount of research already completed by the researchers.
    • The amount of crystal traded in the Trading post is not applicable to this.
  • New building: Governor's Residence.
    • All Palaces in towns which are not the home town will be converted to this building.
    • The function of this building: Please see next feature.
  • Introduction of corruption in the colonies: in all towns aside from the home town, corruption is as of now present.
    • This has a negative impact on the production of resources, research and satisfaction.
    • By expanding the Governor's Residence the amount of corruption is reduced.
    • As soon as you have reached an expansion stage in your town that is one below the amount of towns possessed, there will be no more corruption in your town.
    • Corruption will be increased step-wise with the upcoming releases to its full strength.
    • The current and actual corruption (in brackets) will be displayed in the Town hall.
  • Messages to the diplomat are now specially marked.
  • Treaty offers can now be managed at the Diplomacy Advisor.

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Messages to the diplomat from users without an alliance are now correctly displayed.
  • Messages to the diplomat from users with an alliance are now correctly displayed.

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