Patch 0.4.1 introduced a new feature called cooperation partners. This allows each player to have 12 friends, which you can see if they are on-line and have quick access to message a friend. In addition to these trivial things, there is also a few bonuses - a one-time gold  Gold bonus for each new colony established (demolishing a town and then re-founding it should not yield the one-time gold bonus) and an 1% research point bonus based on friend completed research subject, for each friend.

Barra dei partner di cooperazione

IMPORTANT-NOTE: FACEBOOK FRIENDS WILL NOT GIVE YOU A BLUE CAP FRIEND. Only blue-cap friends can give you research.

Bonus per tutti i Partner di cooperazioneModifica

Punti RicercaModifica

You can get the 1% research point bonus only if you invite someone to come and play Ikariam via the Invite friends function. The largest possible number of research points you can gain is 1% of 532 800 532 800 Punti Ricerca (the cheapest cost of the study which is next to study), ie. 5 238 5 238 Punti Ricerca. All future researches, regardless of the actual level completed, use level 1 as base to calculate the 1% research point bonus. The message that appears on the "Mayor" screen when you get the news is as follows:

Scientists have your friend's nickname research successfully completed and give you a part of their research results. Received:
5 328 5 328 Punti Ricerca


When one of your friends make a new town for the first time (mobile towns only count first time since Patch 0.4.1) you gain a sum of gold. The amount is based on both your towns and your friend towns.

Total\ number\ of\ your\ colonies\ \times\ Total\ number\ of\ friend\ colonies\ (new\ town\ included)\ \times\ 1,000

  • For example, you have 6 towns total and your friend builds his 8th town, which gives (6-1) \times (8-1) \times 1,000 = 35,000  Gold

Bonus solo per i nuovi amici iscritti Modifica

Invita amici 2.jpg

Puoi invitare i tuoi amici a giocare a Ikariam tramite l'Opzione Invita amici inserendo il loro indirizzo email o tramite Facebook. Per ogni nuovo amico iscritto, ottieni una nave mercantile come bonus. Ogni due città fondate dal tuo amico ottieni un`ulteriore nave mercantile come bonus. Manterrai queste navi per tutto il tempo che le città grazie alle quali le hai ottenute esisteranno e il tuo amico prenderà parte attiva nel gioco. In più la città del tuo amico neo-giocatore da te invitato verrà sempre collocata nelle tue vicinanze.

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