Each server has the same map. Here are the islands, with their co-ordinates, luxury resources, and miracles.

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Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Gacios 31:43  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Gaicios 48:84  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Gakios 27:68  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Galios 42:28  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Gapios 31:49  Wine small Colossus
Garaos 65:25  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Garatia 09:86  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Garauos 33:17  Wine small Colossus
Garaytia 75:15  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Gareaos 16:52  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Gareatia 63:33  Marble small Colossus
Gareos 13:92  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Garetia 100:72  Sulphur small Colossus
Garitia 20:54  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Garoetia 58:35  Wine small Colossus
Garoos 91:27  Sulphur small Colossus
Garotia 14:86  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Gaunios 94:20  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Gaylios 27:76  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Geedios 91:55  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Geevios 41:09  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Geewoos 27:54  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Gegios 82:73  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Geidios 75:30  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Gekoos 40:89  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Gepios 50:10  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Gerios 51:10  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Gesios 42:34  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Gesios 42:34  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Gesuios 21:07  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Getios 97:18  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Geunios 76:02  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Geunuios 91:38  Marble small Colossus
Gewios 50:72  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Geyrios 40:74  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Geystiios 77:12  Crystal small Colossus
Ghaaeos 12:29  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Ghaaos 93:11  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Ghaatia 01:26  Sulphur small Colossus
Ghaauos 33:70  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Ghaayos 89:86  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Ghaeos 19:92  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ghaeytia 19:58  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Ghaitia 07:74  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Ghaoos 42:69  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ghaootia 76:70  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Ghaotia 99:70  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ghaoutia 07:53  Wine small Colossus
Ghauios 42:47  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Ghauos 81:36  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ghautia 55:99  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Ghaytia 47:38  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Giadios 13:33  Crystal small Colossus
Gidios 63:43  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Gievaios 59:43  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Gihios 51:59  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Giloios 61:99  Crystal small Colossus
Gipios 72:35  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Girios 43:14  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Gisios 73:22  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Gocaos 12:86  Sulphur small Colossus
Gokios 32:95  Sulphur small Colossus
Goneios 69:70  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Gonios 79:96  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Goonoos 39:34  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Gophaios 80:69  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Gopoios 23:62  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Gosios 77:87  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Gosoos 95:67  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Gotios 85:23  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Gouhios 58:21  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Gourryos 76:10  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Gowios 41:02  Sulphur small Colossus
Gulios 16:22  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Gumuios 92:46  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Gunoios 05:98  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Gupheios 60:52  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Gussaos 32:85  Marble small Colossus
Gutios 28:65  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Guzoos 76:12  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Gychuios 56:97  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Gyrios 37:37  Wine small Colossus
Gysuos 88:22  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon

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