Each server has the same map. Here are the islands, with their co-ordinates, luxury resources, and miracles.

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Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Faecios 68:52  Wine small Colossus
Faehios 43:04  Sulphur small Colossus
Faelaios 44:62  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Faicios 18:40  Wine small Colossus
Falios 10:33  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Famoios 08:69  Wine small Hades' Holy Grove
Fandyios 40:77  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Fapios 12:18  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Fasyos 12:21  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Fayleios 25:10  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Fayleos 11:13  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Feadeios 12:08  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Feajios 83:98  Sulphur small Colossus
Febios 57:37  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Feibios 57:28  Crystal small Colossus
Fekios 54:12  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Feraos 37:57  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Fesios 86:04  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Feykeos 79:53  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Fialaos 95:42  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Fialios 43:18  Marble small Colossus
Fiekios 56:21  Wine small Colossus
Fiesoios 41:53  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Fihios 23:36  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Filaios 28:23  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Filios 02:84  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Finios 78:88  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Finoos 28:01  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Fiyios 27:24  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Foegios 42:17  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Foeneos 68:42  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Foenios 51:17  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Foephios 79:72  Marble small Colossus
Foeraios 40:08  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Foicuios 82:10  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Foifios 37:17  Wine small Hades' Holy Grove
Foisoos 99:82  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Fokaios 17:39  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Fokeos 11:32  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Foloios 06:64  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Foukios 98:68  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Foyeos 54:42  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Fuinios 96:02  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Fuirios 22:79  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Fukyos 95:79  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Furios 24:94  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Fusios 27:27  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Fuyyos 82:43  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Fybios 98:87  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Fycios 59:52  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Fykios 20:07  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Fyphyios 84:83  Sulphur small Colossus
Fysaos 90:46  Marble small Ares' stronghold

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