Each server has the same map. Here are the islands, with their co-ordinates, luxury resources, and miracles.

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Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Echaetia 36:67  Marble small Colossus
Echaos 78:06  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Echatia 92:32  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Echauos 97:79  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Echayos 97:33  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Echeatia 83:31  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Echeeos 87:57  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Echeitia 36:12  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Echeytia 27:85  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Echiaos 47:57  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Echios 46:79  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Echitia 12:40  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Echoetia 17:45  Wine small Colossus
Echoitia 57:15  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Echooos 63:47  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Echoos 36:63  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Echootia 23:61  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Echotia 70:44  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Echuitia 14:11  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Echuos 59:92  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Echyos 70:50  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Echytia 48:74  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Eldaeos 69:22  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Eldaios 95:71  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Eldaitia 84:04  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eldaos 23:78  Marble small Colossus
Eldatia 98:78  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Eldautia 69:30  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Eldeatia 61:37  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Eldeeos 72:09  Wine small Colossus
Eldeitia 49:46  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eldeos 44:33  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eldetia 60:14  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Eldeytia 82:05  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Eldiatia 62:55  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Eldieos 87:28  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Eldios 36:53  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Elditia 50:84  Wine small Colossus
Eldoios 42:99  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Eldooos 37:18  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Eldoos 60:60  Marble small Colossus
Eldootia 07:90  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Eldotia 61:14  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Eldouos 87:66  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Eldoutia 82:98  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Elduios 87:44  Sulphur small Colossus
Elduos 02:77  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Eldutia 51:27  Wine small Colossus
Eldyos 35:80  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Eldytia 90:03  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Elmaos 89:25  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Elmatia 67:95  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Elmaytia 32:13  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Elmeetia 23:60  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Elmeos 14:14  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Elmetia 42:54  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Elmietia 98:54  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Elmios 67:07  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Elmitia 48:39  Wine small Colossus
Elmoos 72:81  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Elmootia 63:89  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Elmutia 97:93  Marble small Colossus
Elmyos 65:55  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Emaetia 23:79  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Emaios 83:23  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Emaitia 78:48  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Emaos 53:05  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Ematia 67:16  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Emauos 83:92  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Emeaos 97:30  Marble small Colossus
Emeatia 11:73  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Emeeos 15:83  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Emeitia 35:67  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Emeos 51:07  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Emetia 06:20  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Emeyos 66:35  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Emeytia 48:13  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Emiatia 61:100  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Emietia 91:24  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Emios 08:91  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Emitia 82:56  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Emoeos 12:92  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Emoetia 59:23  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Emoios 48:71  Wine small Colossus
Emooos 67:17  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Emoos 16:56  Wine small Colossus
Emootia 62:32  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Emotia 99:24  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Emoutia 99:73  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Emuios 36:37  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Emuitia 33:26  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Emyos 93:61  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Emytia 45:85  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Enaeos 29:24  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Enaos 51:100  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Enautia 59:68  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Enayos 55:100  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Enaytia 12:68  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Endaos 06:34  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Endatia 69:81  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Endauos 70:93  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Endayos 31:11  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Endeos 39:79  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Endetia 96:97  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Endietia 65:74  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Enditia 45:91  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Endoitia 57:83  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Endoos 28:93  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Endootia 12:09  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Endotia 43:36  Marble small Colossus
Enduos 53:89  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Endyos 52:69  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Endytia 83:35  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eneaos 100:68  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eneitia 36:17  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Enetia 53:96  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eneuos 63:45  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Eneutia 08:53  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Engaetia 89:26  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Engaios 46:91  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Engatia 53:56  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Engeeos 45:98  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Engetia 58:62  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Engios 69:82  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Engitia 86:45  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Engoios 71:58  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Engoos 77:79  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Engootia 08:49  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Engotia 23:89  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Engouos 95:95  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Engutia 41:77  Marble small Colossus
Engyos 36:20  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Engytia 50:61  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eniatia 43:70  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Enieos 16:18  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Enitia 44:11  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Enoeos 90:73  Marble small Colossus
Enoios 69:77  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Enoitia 49:07  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Enooos 14:70  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Enoutia 32:38  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Enthaeos 91:45  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Enthaos 82:68  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Enthatia 55:53  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Entheetia 35:35  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Entheos 41:05  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Enthetia 18:05  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Entheuos 55:89  Crystal small Colossus
Enthietia 36:76  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Enthios 83:54  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Enthitia 86:88  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Enthoitia 35:02  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Enthooos 37:31  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Enthoos 76:98  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Enthotia 73:60  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Enthouos 29:96  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Enthuios 46:60  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Enthuitia 61:60  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Enthuos 67:63  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Enthutia 10:60  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Enuos 80:37  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Enutia 94:19  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Enytia 31:44  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Eraeos 60:43  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Eratia 80:90  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Erautia 40:71  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Ereatia 24:30  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Ereetia 05:47  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Ereios 78:17  Crystal small Ares' stronghold
Ereos 30:63  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Eretia 24:02  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Ereuos 13:23  Wine small Colossus
Eriaos 07:85  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Erietia 77:27  Crystal small Colossus
Erios 62:22  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Eritia 02:03  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Eroios 70:60  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Erotia 74:92  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Erouos 09:43  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Eroutia 20:66  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Eruios 49:69  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Eruos 11:41  Sulphur small Colossus
Erytia 42:80  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Essaitia 03:50  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Essaos 23:86  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Essatia 89:05  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Esseos 09:62  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Essetia 35:75  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Esseutia 80:99  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Essoeos 87:30  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Essoios 41:11  Wine small Colossus
Essoos 06:11  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Essotia 79:26  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Essuios 60:34  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Essuitia 67:49  Wine small Colossus
Essuos 41:48  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Essutia 94:96  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Essyos 56:52  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Estaos 35:05  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Estatia 60:28  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Esteeos 66:84  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Esteos 71:05  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Estetia 91:11  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Esteuos 54:40  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Esteutia 18:16  Wine small Colossus
Esteyos 43:27  Wine small Ares' stronghold
Estietia 36:70  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Estios 39:29  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Estitia 71:28  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Estoetia 61:63  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Estoios 20:65  Marble small Colossus
Estoos 62:99  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Estutia 72:22  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Estyos 37:08  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Etaetia 87:81  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Etaos 88:08  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Etatia 06:17  Sulphur small Ares' stronghold
Eteetia 52:81  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Eteos 26:02  Wine small Colossus
Eteuos 88:31  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Etieos 82:24  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Etietia 97:80  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Etios 56:68  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Etitia 43:71  Crystal small Colossus
Etoeos 08:47  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Etooos 88:67  Marble small Colossus
Etoos 21:46  Marble small Ares' stronghold
Etotia 24:48  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Etouos 73:38  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Etoutia 72:76  Crystal small Colossus
Etutia 59:56  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Etyos 76:65  Wine small Temple of Poseidon

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