Each server has the same map. Here are the islands, with their co-ordinates, luxury resources, and miracles.

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Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Achaos 07:64  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Achatia 26:41  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Achayos 52:06  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Acheitia 73:25  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Acheyos 71:50  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Acheytia 37:11  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Achios 87:13  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Achitia 16:11  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Achoeos 80:28  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Achoios 57:03  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Achoos 27:17  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Achootia 88:76  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Achoutia 14:88  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Achuos 49:04  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Achutia 71:32  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Achytia 43:31  Crystal small Colossus
Ackaios 63:02  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Ackaitia 47:84  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Ackaos 69:96  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ackautia 98:27  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Ackeetia 23:34  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Ackeos 03:02  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Acketia 07:55  Wine small Colossus
Ackeytia 81:60  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Ackietia 76:87  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ackios 82:12  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ackitia 23:35  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Ackoeos 69:60  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Ackoios 04:27  Crystal small Colossus
Ackoos 76:16  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Ackootia 67:24  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Ackuios 65:54  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ackuos 18:59  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ackyos 14:65  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ackytia 02:13  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Adaeos 30:16  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Adaitia 70:56  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Adaos 43:09  Sulphur small Colossus
Adatia 42:85  Wine small Colossus
Adautia 69:76  Marble small Colossus
Adaytia 37:42  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Adeetia 06:44  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Adeos 04:56  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Adieos 98:77  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Adios 22:65  Marble small Colossus
Aditia 97:59  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Adoeos 38:41  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Adoetia 85:69  Sulphur small Colossus
Adoos 86:94  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Adotia 05:20  Marble small Colossus
Adoutia 84:14  Wine small Colossus
Aduos 29:29  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Adyos 42:35  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Adytia 66:07  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ageeetia 96:98  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ageeios 35:30  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ageeos 57:11  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ageetia 52:31  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Ageitia 60:45  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Ageoetia 11:08  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Ageootia 13:82  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Ageotia 15:12  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Ageouos 66:92  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Ageoutia 35:32  Wine small Colossus
Ageuitia 60:79  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Ageuos 98:55  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Aldaeos 86:16  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Aldaetia 02:26  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Aldaos 76:13  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Aldatia 98:12  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Aldauos 31:12  Crystal small Colossus
Aldeatia 69:52  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Aldeios 80:100  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Aldeos 40:83  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Aldetia 38:99  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Aldeyos 12:37  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Aldiaos 38:63  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Aldiatia 69:69  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Aldios 68:15  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Alditia 74:40  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Aldoitia 43:80  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Aldoos 89:97  Sulphur small Colossus
Aldouos 63:82  Sulphur small Colossus
Alduios 99:46  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Alduos 46:50  Wine small Colossus
Aleaetia 86:62  Marble small Colossus
Aleaios 42:30  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aleaos 79:84  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aleatia 66:57  Wine small Colossus
Aleauos 12:06  Wine small Temple of Poseidon

Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Aleayos 51:74  Wine small Demeter's gardens
Aleeos 72:60  Crystal small Colossus
Aleetia 75:85  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aleios 73:20  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Aleoetia 71:20  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Aleooos 45:80  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Aleoos 56:79  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Aleotia 57:27  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Aleoutia 51:97  Crystal small Colossus
Aleuos 79:59  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Aleutia 86:37  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Anaos 82:41  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Anatia 83:77  Marble small Colossus
Anauos 53:52  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Anautia 03:72  Marble small Colossus
Anayos 25:53  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Aneetia 84:80  Wine small Colossus
Aneos 95:10  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Aneuos 26:43  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Angaios 62:48  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Angaos 04:26  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Angatia 30:08  Marble small Colossus
Angeos 13:17  Marble small Colossus
Angeytia 43:59  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Angiatia 09:76  Crystal small Colossus
Angios 56:30  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Angitia 63:36  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Angoios 78:47  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Angooos 98:22  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Angoos 44:09  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Angootia 64:75  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Angouos 74:44  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Angoutia 87:45  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Anguios 88:77  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Angutia 56:85  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Anios 58:66  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Anitia 20:64  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Anoos 67:98  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Anuos 59:66  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Anutia 30:80  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Anyos 64:07  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Anytia 31:65  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Araeos 86:92  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Araios 46:10  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Araos 52:16  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Aratia 60:42  Sulphur small Colossus
Arayos 69:75  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ardaeos 41:88  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Ardaos 44:23  Sulphur small Colossus
Ardatia 89:02  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ardautia 92:87  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Ardeos 17:99  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ardetia 57:14  Wine small Colossus
Ardeuos 65:89  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ardiatia 97:60  Marble small Colossus
Arditia 31:47  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Ardoios 91:51  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ardotia 21:54  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Arduos 87:08  Sulphur small Colossus
Ardutia 69:89  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Ardyos 81:03  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Areatia 03:73  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Areios 96:45  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Aretia 94:45  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Areytia 41:23  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Arieos 49:13  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Arios 21:66  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aritia 92:43  Marble small Colossus
Aroetia 89:34  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Aroitia 34:53  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aroos 96:84  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Arotia 18:64  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Aruos 70:46  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Aryos 80:57  Marble small Colossus
Asaeos 16:92  Wine small Colossus
Asaetia 82:20  Sulphur small Colossus
Asatia 38:65  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Asautia 13:98  Marble small Colossus
Asayos 36:77  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Asaytia 18:82  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Aseios 92:33  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Aseos 66:48  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Aseutia 38:76  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Ashaitia 81:17  Marble small Colossus
Ashaos 23:18  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Ashatia 19:93  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Ashauos 45:93  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Asheaos 51:84  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Asheatia 20:80  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Asheetia 95:87  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Asheos 71:30  Marble small Ares' Stronghold

Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Ashetia 86:10  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Asheutia 18:22  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Ashitia 86:44  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ashoetia 78:78  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Ashoos 77:97  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Ashotia 57:13  Crystal small Colossus
Ashutia 09:28  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Ashyos 80:33  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ashytia 53:61  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Asitia 60:97  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Asoetia 28:59  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Asoios 54:77  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Asoitia 92:54  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Asoos 98:15  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Asuios 41:39  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Asuos 27:73  Sulphur small Colossus
Ataeos 21:41  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Ataetia 27:74  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Ataitia 46:53  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Ataos 08:97  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Atatia 13:64  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Ateatia 43:74  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Ateios 89:88  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Ateos 94:57  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Atetia 87:67  Crystal small Colossus
Athaetia 12:51  Wine small Colossus
Athaos 61:65  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Atheaos 59:04  Crystal small Colossus
Atheeos 96:22  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Atheos 92:93  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Athetia 08:44  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Atheuos 16:34  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Atheutia 86:33  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Atheyos 19:54  Marble small Colossus
Atheytia 08:80  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Athietia 83:72  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Athios 79:29  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Athitia 96:08  Marble small Colossus
Athoeos 55:21  Crystal small Colossus
Athoetia 54:99  Crystal small Colossus
Athoios 77:50  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Athoitia 62:18  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Athoos 48:85  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Athotia 84:86  Crystal small Colossus
Athyos 01:58  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Athytia 71:46  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Atietia 24:58  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Atios 49:38  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Atitia 84:50  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Atoios 08:03  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Atoos 64:74  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Atotia 37:28  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Atuios 95:97  Wine small Colossus
Atuos 80:91  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Atutia 64:06  Sulphur small Colossus
Atyos 74:20  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Atytia 45:30  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Aughaitia 36:14  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aughaos 21:10  Marble small Colossus
Aughatia 50:09  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Augheatia 75:24  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Augheetia 15:46  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Augheios 54:49  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Augheos 05:37  Wine small Colossus
Aughetia 84:70  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Aughieos 08:98  Sulphur small Colossus
Aughios 77:28  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Aughoitia 78:36  Wine small Colossus
Aughuos 18:15  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Aughyos 20:28  Crystal small Colossus
Awaios 32:36  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Awaos 41:14  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Awatia 90:20  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Aweatia 37:93  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Aweetia 56:55  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Aweitia 64:84  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Aweos 37:87  Wine small Colossus
Awetia 12:44  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Aweutia 03:64  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Aweyos 99:23  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Awietia 53:23  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Awios 50:48  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Awitia 38:70  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Awoetia 67:62  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Awootia 10:99  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Awotia 73:35  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Awuios 80:84  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Awuos 100:57  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Awutia 28:34  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Awytia 07:23  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon

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